professional silicone mould supplier

As a professional good mold manufacturer, we are very good at chain management, and also R & D design. We have more than 4000 design molds.

We will match the appropriate process according to customer needs.

what silicone do we use

Food Grade, No Odor, FDA

High-quality materials are the foundation of great products. For this reason, no matter which process is used to produce mould, we insist on using safe, FDA-certified food-grade silicone materials. And ensure the silicone moulds are odorless and harmless. At the same time, we also pay attention to our production process to ensure that no harmful substances are produced during the production process.

Our Silicone Product

Small batch customization silicone mould

-Ultra Speed:

24 hours from drawings to samples

5 days from concepts to customer’s warehouse

Our guests are very creative, they understand the needs of the local market, but the market changes unimaginably fast. So when our guests have some new inspirations, they will ask us to turn their imagination into a product in a very short time. We have established a rapid response team for this purpose. To ensure that the molds can be put into the market in the shortest possible time. 

About us

       Believe it or not, as a founder, I’m in the silicone business because of my niece. When I was a guest at my brother’s house in 2014, my niece told me she wanted to make 9 identical large cakes for a college graduation banquet. But it’s a difficult job to make multiple delicate and large cakes in one day. If she asks a friend to help, she worries about whether the friend is competent enough to do the job. I used to work in a silicone raw material factory and know what silicone is used for.  read more>

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