Silicone mold (Liquid)

Before placing order, we suggest customer read this page carefully. This help you learn what factors should be know. and why we are different.

Some factors should know before placing order:


Make sure the dimension was measured with cm or mm. If the drawing was measure with inch, that will easily make mistake.


Customers can choose the color they need. But the MOQ is 100kg. We suggest customer choose the color we have, white, pink and gray.


3D drawing will be great. but normal picture, even a handwriting sketch will be ok for us. 


Different silicone molds have different hardness requirment. If you have no idea about that, we can help you.

What make our silicone molds difference?

1.Good Quality. 

This is not empty talk. We have some evidence support our point:

*The pattern is very clear,almost same with press mold

  Even our mold is produce with liquid silicone process (mix silicone process ), but the qualtiy aslmost 95% same with press mold. 

*Light weight

  We always do our best to make the weight lower, in order to make the cost lower , also helps customer saves shipping cost.

*produce molds with precision pattern, likes below picture (we dont think too many manufacturer can make it)

*The edge will lower than normal, ,almost same with press mold

*We can make special process on the back side, so the mold does not easy get dust or dirty.(the left one on below picture)

2. SOP

People always make mistake and the mistake always the same. Production does not allow us to make too many mistakes. So we have our SOP, in order to help the worker don’t do mistake. And then we can delivery the goods in time.

3.Designer team.

If we want to get a perfect pattern that means the mold need takes many times modification. So the an experience designer team is very important. If they work well, we can make the lead time short, and satisfy customers. and the chife designer can understand customer’s idea very well. lots of her works get customer good feedback.

4.Higher mechanization and lower-dust plant

Makes our work efficiency greatly improved. You will know that better after visit our factory. And our workshop is very low dust, in order to make sure the mold will not dirty in the production and packaging. (as we know still not facotry can make it like us.)

5.Manual adjustmen

Dsigner can draw a perfect pattern, but still need experienced worker adjust the mold step by step. Without manual adjustment, the mold is very rough and easy break.