About us

Our purpose:

*Continuously improve the craftsmanship to help customers run their business well

* Let consumers make their imaginations come true through our products

*We really don’t want to be the biggest, but we want to be the best

*Enjoy the fun of work, and enjoy the joy of growing together with partners

Believe it or not, as a founder, I’m in the silicone business because of my niece. When I was a guest at my brother’s house in 2014, my niece told me she wanted to make 9 identical large cakes for a college graduation banquet. But it’s a difficult job to make multiple delicate and large cakes in one day. If she asks a friend to help, she worries about whether the friend is competent enough to do the job. I used to work in a silicone raw material factory and know what silicone is used for. So she was recommended to use a silicone mold to replicate some of the key decorations. It took us three days to complete the process of drawing, making plastic molds and making mousse cakes with silicone molds.

A few days later, my niece came to my house and happily gave me 150USD. She told me that 50USD was my tip and 100USD was her classmate’s deposit. It turned out that at the graduation ceremony, her classmates were very surprised that how she could make so many same exquisite cakes in one day. She said it was one of the best moments of her life. The parents of one of her classmates also attended the ceremony. They also love her work. After knowing that she could make cakes fast and of high quality with silicone molds. They want me to help them make a new mold and paid a deposit of 100USD in advance. And the mold will be used to decorate the cake for their 30th wedding anniversary celebration.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that my niece had inadvertently become my first client in this part of the business, and her classmate’s parents became my second client. It is what it is, I, who am not good at making cakes, started making silicone cake molds and started my business.

Good and great

For a long time, my team and I were solely focused on excellent mold production design. Sometimes, in order to achieve better results, our cost is higher than the selling price. Such a business model is obviously unsustainable. In order to meet the needs of customers, some customers can better open the market. Now we offer products for 2 market segments – quality products and excellent products. A good product line is the perfect balance of quality and cost-effectiveness; a great product line pushes quality to the extreme.

liquid and solid

With the increase of time in this business, based on our good service, we have gained many high-quality customers. With the growth of these high-quality customers’ businesses, customers share their design concepts with us when they develop new products, and let us provide solutions. And as a good partner, we will do our best to help me solve all kinds of problems. Until one day, I was surprised to find that our silicone product line has become very comprehensive. We now not only do liquid silicone, but also solid silicone products. Our product line also ranges from original baking silicone molds, to decorative silicone molds, candle molds, soap molds, and ice cream molds. Last year, we also started the production of solid silicone products, from the beginning to the production of baking molds for customers, kitchenware, baby products, electronic products, household daily necessities, and electronic accessories.


Running a business is difficult, and I was close to bankruptcy and mortgaged my house. It was a very painful time, no one could help me, and I dared not let others know. In order not to let my parents know about my plight and worry about me, I had no choice but to cry in an office without anyone. I love this business very much, and I want to do this job well. But the mounting debt made me think about giving it up.

But fortunately, my friends and clients all lent me money after knowing the situation. They encouraged and taught me how to run this business, how to control costs, how to communicate with clients, and how to develop new clients. It finally helped me out of the woods. To this day, I am very grateful to those who helped me. Without their help, I would not have survived to this day.

If you want to join the industry, don’t hesitate to contact me. My team and I will be extremely helpful. Because in those days, we also survived with the help of our friends.