How To Pack Silicone Molds

how to Pack Silicone molds

Most of our clients are very aware of the package because it is so important. As a professional silicone mold manufacturer, our packaging can help you sell your silicone molds well and keep your products in good condition when you get them. To ensure that you can get the goods safely and sell them well. Katcai pays great attention to packaging.

Here we would like to show you how we pack our products and cartons.

Pack Silicone molds

Clean the silicone mold to make sure there is no dust, hair or anything on it. Pack them in a good quality ziplock bag.

And the regular size, we will put a piece of paper inside, we believe that can make more customers like our products.

Another benefit of choosing to use this zipper bag is that customers can use this bag to store molds again.

How to pack cartons

1. High quality carton.

We know that the shipping time from our warehouse to the customer’s warehouse is long. Can be transferred multiple times during shipping. So high-quality cartons are necessary. It ensures that your products are not lost. It will also be in good condition when you receive it.

2 Tape the carton (moving box)

Silicone molds are heavy. So we had to tape the carton so that it would be stronger and carry more products. In a regular carton, we will use the “H” tape method, (make 3 seams).

For heavy loads, use the “X” method to stick from corner to corner.

Most importantly, they both protect the customer’s cargo very well.


3. Large packaging bag

We use this bag to make sure the cargo doesn’t get wet easily and full of dust. After customers get the carton, they can sell it as soon as possible without customs clearance.

4. list with image

If the order is more than 3 cartons, we will make a list with image on the carton. Customers can know which product is in the carton.


About other product packaging:

Some customers will buy other products and let us pack them with silicone molds. If it is an ordinary product, and a small amount of product, we are very happy. But we want you to pay attention and communicate with us to confirm before purchasing. Because some products cannot be shipped with our silicone molds. Such as food, powder, liquid, magnetic products, products containing batteries. Because the transportation of these products is special. Placing these products with the silicone mold will affect the shipping of the silicone mold. It will even increase the cost of shipping.

We are very concerned about the needs of our customers, please let us know if you need any assistance.